Thursday, December 31, 2015

Those who grace the Hall...Part #1

So as many of you know I have been a little obsessed with the Hall of Fame lately and I decided to restart our blog and make our first post about the HOF.  Part one focuses on the Batters that made our list, Part two will be the batters that maybe should have been voted in. Three and four will focus on the pitchers. The scores provided are based on Baseball References HOF monitor score that I have calculated for each of our Hall of Fame members.

1.  Craig Velandia  (347) season 31,   I think its safe to say when this guy was drafted first overall in season 11 none of us was looking forward to playing him. He was a beast from his first season in the majors(13) up till season 25. While his single season averages and Home run totals help pile up his high score, it’s the 12 all-star games and 8 MVP awards that set him head and shoulders above everyone on this list. Oh yeah he also stole 335 bases.

2.Denny Inge (329)  season 22, Inge made his biggest impacts in the early days of AU, but you don't get to 3500 career hits by being a fluke. maybe the most consistent player to ever play in AU he racked up 200+ hits in 11 seasons. Is among the top players in many career numbers, AVG (1st), Doubles (2nd), Hits (1st), Runs (1st), RBI (4th), While only average in LF he won two Gold Gloves at first base.

3. Olmeda Rivas (307)  season 22, When a player hits 70 homers in a season he has a real good chance of making the Hall, especially if his name isn't McGwire or Bonds. And in the fact that he started over 1300 games at catcher and he is almost a lock. 2000 RBI and a .307 career avg pretty much seal the deal. 

4. Gerry Allen (280) season 28, in some seasons people have argued whether 3000 hits should be a free pass into the Hall of Fame. Allen took matters into his own hands and made sure he would not get passed over by making the 3000 hit plateau plus the 700 home run level. While he was almost exclusively a DH...he was the best one ever in AU.

5. Eric Murphy (247) season 24, Even if Murph never caught a game in his career he would probably have gotten into the Hall, but you factor in his amazing numbers with the fact that he was one of the most dependable catchers in league history (1848 games) he becomes one of the games elite players.

6. Alfonso Tejera (242) season 27, Mister Consistent, Tejera never won a MVP award but has plenty of Hardware at home, gold gloves, all-star games, silver sluggers and World Series rings. It could be said he never had a bad season (hit .233 in his last season but drove in 79 runs). Has ridiculous career totals in hits (3400), RBI (2224) and Doubles (741).

7. Miguel Palacios (241) Season 25, One of the biggest bashers this league has ever seen. Was almost a sure bet for 40+ homers and 100+ rbi every year he played. A .320 career average and solid right field defense plant him firmly in the top ten batter in our Hall of fame. 

8. Ramiro Guevara (238) Season 20, had a rather short ML career (13 seasons) but in that time stockpiled huge career season numbers to go with single season accolades. 592 Homers, 3 X MVP makes for probably the best player to come out of Penn State baseball.

9. Damaso Julio (220) Season 24, Julio is the 2nd player of 3 that made the Hall of fame this season. An outstanding .327 career average and 1700 RBI would seem to be more then enough to get him in, but I can remember there was some debate as his power numbers are less then others. Thankfully the fact that he was one of the games best overall 3rd basemen ever was factored in and he was finally voted in. 

10. Alton Buckley (220) Season 21, considering the fact that he was a pretty solid outfielder (2 gold gloves) his road was much more paved with his bat. 700 career homers, that included 8 seasons with 50+ homers. Also managed 12 straight season with 100+ rbi.

In order the other members of the HOF that made their money with their bats.

11. Darron Pierce (210) Season 27, huge hits totals and a true gentleman
12. Donaldo Castillo (205) Season 16,  we are missing 1 season from his totals, but even without that one season he was an easy vote for the Hall.
13. Trent Crane  (191) Season 35,  the Hall's most recent inductee was good if not great at almost all aspects of the game.
14. Billy Ledee  (184) Season 29, One of the top Left fielders to play the game. Never stole a base in the majors.
15.Lorenzo Gabriel (175) Season 26, this is probably about the score that should be required by a Batter to make the Hall. Played a good chunk of his career at 2nd base, where he was below average at best. his case is made by an extremely effective bat.
16. Gerald Grey (151) Season 21, a poor fielding 1st baseman who for about 9 seasons was among the best hitters in the game. 
17. Vic Blanco  (146) Season 24, In the HOF because he hit a lot of homers (636) and played a decent chunk of his career at 2nd base. 
18. Carl West  (127) Season 15, one of the first 4 to be inducted. We only see 8 of his 13 seasons. With even modest projections his career numbers are  good enough for 213 points as he would reach the 400 homer and 2000 hit mark. Extra awards could boost the total even higher
19. Horacio Frias (90) Season 15, another of the early arrivals. Projections put him at about 150 points as he falls just shy of 2,000 hits but does reach 400 homers.

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