Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Mid-Season report

Just a little bit of mid season house keeping, first I want to thank all the people who stepped in and took over some of our struggling teams. it looks as though they are all starting to come around and at the very least play competitive baseball on most nights.  I really hope that you new owners can see how great this league is and decide to stick around.

Second thing, looks like all the teams are well on their ways to reaching the needed win totals for this season. A reminder that new owners are only required to win 100 games combined over their first two seasons after that we have a 4 year win total needed. Detroit needed to win 60 games this season and Baltimore needs 63 wins. Both teams are on pace to surpass those win totals with ease. Beyond that all established owners need to win 57 games this season.

Third thing, I offered up a cash prize for new owners that joined us this season that stuck it out for two seasons. the winner is the team that wins the most games combined over the two seasons between all levels of their organization.  As off right now the standings are as follows...

1. Ct_Duck       217
2. jimt1420       213
3. Jkbernadt      199
4. dmaxie61      186
5. sol_phenom3  183
6. Drummer66    179
7. mktulu2          157
8. stonewalter   148

Still anyones game, so make sure all levels of your team are playing to the best of their abilities.

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