Thursday, January 14, 2016

Those Who Grace the Hall Part #4...Closer then you think

Felipe Cairo (230) retired season 22, I think we missed the vote on this a lot. Has the 2nd most saves in league history (758), yes its only 86.6%, but it's still pretty incredible. Between seasons 1-18 he only missed 2 all-star games. I really don't care what his ERA was, he was one of the best the league has ever seen.

Julio Cedeno (77) retired season 24, A lot of wins (247), a lot of K's (3292) but a super high ERA (4.71) and no hardware on his shelf bring him way up short.

Jolbert Cordero  (141) retired season 23, probably just under the HOF standard meet by the guys who made it, but for about 10 seasons was as dependable as anyone else in the league. If he could have had 1-2 more dominate seasons would probably be in the hall.

Miguel Acevedo (144) retired season 16, a poor mans John Smoltz, Easily could have a won Cy Young as a starter and a closer. If he had gotten to 200 wins or saves would probably be in the hall.

Bobby Stephenson (167) retired season 23, another Smoltz type guy, had some pretty good seasons as a closer but enjoyed his best success as a starter winning two CY's.

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