Friday, February 26, 2016

Goodbye to a Friend

Written by Mrbill99

Kevin Drake
"The Kid"
"The Drake"

Creator of the "Elite Ducks"

The above nicknames are how we identified Kevin Drake my friend, fellow HBD comrade and rival. I met Kevin not quite 20 years ago when both of our boys played T-Ball. Though we were rivals I learned quick he had a spirit of cooperation and we both learned from each other by coordinating practices together though we had separate teams. About the time I met Kevin WIS Sports had going its SIM baseball leagues where you draft former major league player's seasons and create a team. Kevin had not heard of WIS at the time and agreed to join me in a league. He instantly loved it. Before that he played a game similar to Strat-o-matic by himself creating his own 6 team league and did all the stats by hand. Soon after getting him hooked HBD was introduced. He jumped in with both feet and abandoned SIM Ball. It took him two years of begging to get me to join HBD and I too became hooked. He called the players on his rosters "his guys" they were like real children to him. One thing he did that I found peculiar was name all his teams ELITE DUCKS. I asked him about getting more creative. OH NO Mr. Bill he said these are my guys. They are all Elite Ducks. How can I name my team anything else since my name is Drake. Thats the male duck you know. Kevin suffered greatly in the time I knew him. He had some rare disease that attacked him every 7 years that left a crippling mark. He had digits out of place because of it and other scars he could not show. But he would still compete. he told me he was a stud when he played high school ball hence the nickname "The Kid". I was always clutch he would say. I believed him, for you see for all his infirmity the man could bowl. he maintained a 200 average until his last bout with the disease this past year.He pounded the vicodins to be able to play. It hurt too much otherwise. I'll always remember Kevin for his love of family. Loved hearing his sharing of his love for Nancy his wife and Brett his son. He loved all of us HBD owners and wanted to get a golf outing going in Kaline. Alas not to be. Complications from his disease took him from his this week. I already miss him.. I can almost hear him trying to sell me on his next venture. I not ready to join you yet in Heaven Kevin. I know you will be excited to see us but we kind of like it down here in the minors. God be with you my friend.

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